I decided to blog because I have a lot on my mind ... much about theology, practice, women, relationships and family. This is a place where we'll talk about all of these things. Nothing is off-limits. Hopefully, somehow in the journey, we'll find ourselves going deeper, and having a richer life with each other and Jesus.   

  • How Do You Talk to Little Girls? Recently I read this article on how we talk to little girls. The woman makes a much need point. When speaking to little girls we tend to overemphasize their physical attributes while ignoring other attributes such as intellectual ability.  Author, Lisa Bloom argues, "Teaching girls that their appearance is the first thing you notice tells them that looks are more important than anything.

  • Their Father and The Poor

    My husband Steve raised his kids in the faith. Not the kind of faith most of us might think of. Yes, church and tithing and being kind, but more than that.

  • Kitchen Cathedral

    Writing is the art form of my soul, and words are its paintbrush. For me, writing is both a way to reach other people and a way to reach myself. A tool to think critically about the world around me and my place within it.

  • My Husband, Their Father and the Poor

    What Bible verse comes to mind when you think of the poor? In other words, what is the most common verse quoted when talking about the poor?  Yes, yes, I know the question doesn't seem to tie to the title of this blog. You will see the connection when I write my "father's day" blog.

  • They Are Together

    I cried at their text.    This picture is a far cry from all the times Steve and I were called home from work to referee their sibling brawls. Like the time Steve was called out of an elder meeting and I had to leave my teaching at a woman's bible study.

  • It's Dangerous To Be A Woman Today

    It’s dangerous to be a woman in the world today I used to think the “women’s issue” was a cause people took up much like saving the whales or joining MADD. For me these were side issues not the central issue of humanity. The Gospel, what Christ accomplished on the cross, was the central issue of humanity.

  • She Ducked

    "The last word: He said he was leaving. She ignored him.When Laura Munson's husband asked for a divorce, she ducked instead of fighting. He needed to learn, she says, that his unhappiness wasn’t really about her." An interesting read on how one woman handled her husband's midlife crisis. 

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