The Marcella Salon

a gathering of women who have an informed conversation about spiritual issues that impact them.

Join us at an upcoming Salon (click to register):

Can Men and Women Be Friends? - March 16th at 7pm in Dallas, TX          *Open to both men and women*

Body Image - March 31st at 7pm in Austin, TX

If you can't make it to the event in person, please purchase a salon document for $6.95 and have a discussion in your own home. Let's get the conversations started! 

We currently host Marcella Salons in Dallas and Austin. To invite us to facilitate a salon in your own home or community, contact us with your ideas!

Here's what it looked like when a group of women gathered to have an informed conversation about submission. 

What others are saying:

"After participating as a panelist on several of Dr. Jackie Roese’s WE: Engage discussions, I consider Dr. Roese among Christendom’s most effective leaders for helping women to dig deeply into issues that matter and to understand diverse theological positions and their ramifications. I highly recommend attendance at her discussions because she holds a high view of Scripture, she educates her audiences in the range of possible sound interpretations and she models with grace (and humor) how to engage in charitable interactions among those who differ.Jesus said, “Mary has chosen what is better,” when it came to a woman learning theology. I can think of no better reason than that to encourage women to participate in Dr. Roese’s discussions."

—Sandra Glahn, ThM, author of the Coffee Cup Bible Study series and adjunct professor of Pastoral Ministries and Christian Education at Dallas Theological Seminar